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Long time no…. write? 9 de Janeiro de 2010

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He’ya all!

How’ve you been?

I know I’ve been quite abscent… But Univ is quite killing me at the time…. *lucky thing is that I’m only having one exam!! YAY!*


Lots of things have happened, good ones, excellent ones, neither good or bad ones, bad ones… and HORRIBLE ones… Yeah… exciting isn’t it? Well, not to me… My heart isn’t handling this load of excitment that well (psycologically I mean…). I would be really glad if I could have some time of peace… like… 6 months would be nice… ^^;

I have loads of Univ works to do until next friday, and some projects to finish up until next monday, AND there are more projects coming up to finish ‘til the end of this 1st Semester…

At first I thought I was actually enjoying being there… but…. now I realize that I’m actually HATING it… I’m located in a small village, with mostly old people, that aren’t nice at all (specially the employers that SHOULD be nice… they’re the worst ones…)… My housemates are childish, spoiled and stuborn…. My degree colleges are not bad, but I don’t feel very close to them… Something is holding me back to not trust them at all… (dunno why though… but I trust my guts…)

I’m just hoping that the next semester will be better… at least the classes that I’m supposed to have seem a lot better and way more interesting than the ones I’ve been having so far…

I’m hating Programming and Game Math with all my strenghts…. T___T (but I’ve always hated math, and I never liked to work with MDOS… which can explain a lot…)

My drawing classes SUCK as hell… and I seem to be the last art student in my class (all others came from technological, scientific or multimedia high school courses….), and one of the few remaining girls… (and judging from what I’m seeing so far… It’ll end being just me and another girl like me…).

My hands FREEZE up in classes, and I just can’t write/draw… and in the outdoors I tend to forget I have a butt (because it’s so FREAKIN’ COLD that I can’t feel my bottom…), my nose seems like it’s going to break if I touch it without being careful…no matter how many layer of socks I wear, my feet seems to be deep into an ice cube pool… (same goes to my hands, even though I always wear 2 pairs of gloves.)

And summer is going to be the complete oposite… like… now it’s -4 ºC during the day (and it can go to -11 to -15 ºC during the night), but in the summer, it tends to go to really high temperatures during safe hours in the day (meaning from 15h to 19h-20h), going from 35 ºC to 45Cº… and not cooling down that much at night (sometimes it only cools down 3 or 4 ºC….)

SO YEAH!!! I’m not that happy to be studying where I am… I feel like we are being used as “lab rats”, and that they seem to have actually never planned the course at all… it looks like they’re just going with the flow… They never teached in such patterns, and they mixed two distinct courses into just one (Programming Games and Designing Games), making it difficult to the ones that applied to this degree as designers (because we don’t get a thing in the programming part), and also to the ones that applied as programmers (because they can’t draw at all).. and instead of following the concept that other universities around the world applied successfully into this kind of degrees, they decided to make one of their own…

So the thing IS… I’m actually planning on talking to my degree director, as so to ask for help to apply as an erasmus/socrates student to either: England, Japan or USA (Atlanta Art Institute). Because I really don’t want to keep studying in here… It’s degrading and not stimulating at all…

Anyhow… That’s all the news for now…

I’ll try to keep in contatc.

Keep checking my youtube account —> Weura’s Channel for some videos of my drawings, and some drawing tutorials.

Take care!!!

Love you all! ❤


Unemployed again… 2 de Agosto de 2009

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Yeah. it sucks when you just get the job of your life, and someone just makes it all to get you fired… it happened to me… T___T

Back to ground zero… :s

Anyhow… my computer is dying *literally*, and I hope I can at least sell some works out to gather money to buy a new one. Although things aren’t going that well in what comes to sell my works… T___T

I need money… and I need a new computer…. *cries*

Meanwhile…….. I’m still waiting for my lazy mother to decide if we are going this week or the next….or right in the last day as it is usual in her, to go to the university in Mirandela, to take care of my appliance to the course…
And I’m kind of getting impatiente here… She was all excited about me going to this new course, and now she’s all around that it might not be so good, and that I won’t get a job in that area here in Portugal (she still believes that I wanna keep living in here…. poor thing…), and that I shouldn’t get too confident about it… like… I know I must be realistic… but hell!!! No way I’m gonna be THAT pessimistic!!!
She hasn’t even told my father about the POSSIBILITY… gosh!!! She so gets onto my nerves!!! >____<
I believe that she simply can’t accept the idea of me going away from home at all… even if it is inside of this doomed country.

Well… meanwhile I’m sticking with this old stupid computer, while my mom refuses to borrow me hers…

Take care everyone!


Mais problemas… 17 de Junho de 2008

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Como se já não me bastasse os idiotas do Health Club me terem ido debitar dinheiro à conta depois de eu suspender o meu contrato com eles, esse dinheiro ainda nao me foi devolvido. Dinheiro esse que PRECISO urgentemente. Garantiram-me que já tinham falado com o banco, e que neste passado dia 14 estaria tudo resolvido e que eu teria os 31,50€ de novo na minha conta… pois bem… é dia 17 e ainda nem o cheirei! Vou ter que ir lá armar escarcel outra vez.

E para melhorar as coisas, fui à Tiffosi antes de esta fechar para obras, para saber porque é que ainda não me tinham pago o meu subsidio de férias, visto que eu saí de lá a 31 de Janeiro…e estamos em Junho… :\ Como não estava presente a responsável de loja, pedi para que lhe entregassem recado. Disseram-me que sim senhora que lhe entregariam o recado e que ela logo que soubesse de alguma coisa me telefonaria… Pois bem, isto foi em inicios de Maio… esperei, e esperei… Entretanto aquilo entrou em obras e como é obvio eu não consegui entrar em conctacto com nenhuma delas, e ainda por cima não tenho o numero da empresa. Fui lá ontem para falar com a dita responsável de loja, que me disse que não lhe tinham dito nada… (hã… é só gente competente neste país… primeiro as brojeças do Health Club que depois de ter ido suspender o contracto me vao tirar o dinheiro à conta na mesma porque a incompetente que me atendeu se ESQUECEU – ora vejam só…- de avisar as colegas que entregam a papelada toda… e agora isto da Tiffosi…)

Ela foi ver se tinham recebido alguma coisa para mim, e nada. Disse-me então que iria telefonar para a empresa logo que a senhora que trata desses assuntos estivesse lá (ontem foi a folga dela) e que depois me diria qualquer coisa… Infelizmente hoje não ouvi o telefonema, e quando telefonei já lá não estava a responsavel de loja (sim, porque as outras empregadas nao sabiam de nada…)

Conclusão— estou desesperada por dinheiro, tenho contas para pagar e não sei como, e não consigo arranjar trabalho… >_< Bosta de vida…