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Keeps getting better! 28 de Julho de 2009

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Indeed it is!

A friend of mine found out that the course I wanted to take in IL Chicago is going to open this year!

Just exactly what I wanted I guess! At least from the info I saw they’re teaching what I want to learn. 😀

Thank you pal!

It’s not too expeensive, but still I’ll call for help from the state, ‘cuz the most expensive part of my course is not the course itself, but the resourses, books and medias (materials – digital and traditional). ^^;
The best part about it is that it’s in the north of my country…meaning: beautiful monuments, SNOW, patrimomy, the most beautiful sighs in all of Portugal, and HEY! It’s in the oldest city of Portugal: Bragança!

I never thought that I could actually be excited about staying in Portugal to study, but I guess that I am because my mom is also trying to get employed near there, and also because that way it’ll be easier for me to adapt, and later if I want I can make a post-graduation outside in other country. 😀
No, really, I guess now I’m really feeling relieved. And I’m probably going to enter this year. I still have to contact the colege and go to my high school get some info that I need, and maybe still in this week I’ll still go to Bragança to apply to the course.
The only thing that doesn’t make me so happy about staying is… the hard Praxis… T___T
Really, I’m shit scared of what I might get….

My mom is all excited over this new event *she didn’t want me to leave to a foreign country alone and so soon*. When she heard about the she went from a blank face to a huge smile (that nearly killed me from laughter), and said: You goota take that chance! And right tomorrow we’ll call them, go to your school to get your grades, and then still in this week we’ll go to Mirandela (Bragança) for you to apply! *and she kept going* You’ll love that place!!! It snows in the winter! The cold is not as bad as in here, although i can go to negative temperatures it is not a wet cold like ours! And you’ll love people in there!!!

I couldn’t help but laugh at her excitment all over this even. It was funny, because it almost seemed as if she was the one who was going to apply to that college and not me. XD

I’ll try to keep on track with the news!!! *specially if they keep on being this good!*


Some news 27 de Julho de 2009

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Been absent for a while now….

Gomen ne…. m(._.)m


I just got a job, althout it can be frustrating and somewhat tiring to promote a trade mark of beauty care, at least I get paided even if I don’t sell anything at all, since I don’t have to sell, if I do, great, if I don’t, it’s ok. It’s not my job to sell at all.

Anyhow… I haven’t been drawing at all in these days… I’ve been busy with intervews and searching for jobs and so on…so I’ve been neglecting my art for some time now…

My PC is freaking out lately, so I probably won’t be doing anything in Photoshop until I get a new one, or at least get to borrow one from someone to keep on working…

I will be sending *finally* those commissions that should have been sent in February or something… *gomen ne*

Into some other news… A friend of mine convinced me to participate in the portuguese version of American Idol, *Ídolos*. So yeah… after years without singing at all, I’ll be participaing in a show that requires good skills, carisma, and some GUTS! XD *I’m gonna die for sure*

I’ll try to keep the pace up with the news!


2ª fase 10 de Julho de 2008

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Como se já não me bastasse a 1ª fase de exames tenho que ir à 2ª fase de História da Cultura e das Artes.
Tive boas notas nos outros dois exames, mas esta estragou-me o bom-humor. 6. eramos 10 pessoas e nenhuma passou. A nota mais alta foi um 7, depois foi a minha nota, e o resto foi tudo de 6 para baixo… Das duas uma, ou o nosso professor era uma nódoa, ou o exame era muito dificil. Embora eu aponte para as duas. Puseram-nos perguntas de psicologia num exame de história da arte, e o nosso stor chegava a estar dias sem ir às aulas, ou então só nos marcava presença e mandava-nos embora, ou melhor…Chegar à aula e dizer-nos, durante uma semana ou mais, “Hoje não me apetece dar aula.” E com isto ficava a matéria para dar, que já estava pouco atrasada e muito mal explicada e compreendida para ser dada com dois dias de antecedência a um teste, onde chegavam a ser dadas 160 paginas em 180 minutos (duas aulas), para um teste. Ora… acho que assim ninguém fica preparado… e tanto era o nosso panico que iamos TODOS carregadinhos de cábulas até aos dentes para conseguirmos tirar pelo menos um 10….
Giro né? não… não é giro. Aquele homem ja nem devia dar aulas. Preparou-nos mal, e (já) não sabe dar aulas decentemente.

Graças a ele estou a estudar às cegas 6 livros equivalentes a dois anos de disciplina para um exame de 2 horas que vou ter dentro de uma semana, e ainda só li 1 dos 13 módulos que tenho para ler e saber…

Desejem-me sorte, que bem preciso dela.

Para cúmulo tenho a minha mãe à perna a por-me entre a espada e a parede sobre a minha ida para a Suíça… Agora diz-me que ou já tenho data marcada ou que tenho que me candidatar a uma universidade de cá. Ou seja, se ele só for depois da universidade começar, eu vou estar um ano cá e ele na suíça sozinho…

Já me conseguiu por ainda mais mal-humorada do que já ando. Depois diz que não me ando a alimentar bem, e não sei o quê. Só me sabe moer a cabeça…

Que nervos!