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Back to ground zero 6 de Agosto de 2009

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So my mom just decided that maybe I was right to want to go study abroad in the USA. She wasn’t very kin into letting me go all alone to the US.

But it seems that when she was at her Hair Saloon, one of the girls thee said that I shouldn’t be taking this new course from Mirandela, because although the Bacherlor here may value a lot, it won’t have ANY outside this country. It won’t even be recognized. So she gt al scared and paniqued. The girl then said that I could try getting a scholarship to Macau… the thing is…. if my mom was afraid of the cultural diferences between here and the US, she should be even more considering Macau… Like… let’s face it, I LOVE asian countries and culture, but it would be a LOT harder to go there to study, than going the the US…

I’ve searched the possibilities of schools that the Art Institute has..Well, there’s at least one Art Institute College per state. I was looking at Chicago Illinois, but it was too far away from the only person that I know that lives there. So I searched for the Atlanta Art Institute College, and if I actually go study in te US thi year, I’ll probably go there.

For now these are only ideas, although my mom sems to be more serious about this option… she want’s to know the fees (which are REALLY high….), what financial support can I have and how do I apply to those, and when should I apply to the entrance in that College.

So yeah, now I’m getting to be happy. It’s going to be more difficult than if I stayed here, obviously, but even so, I know that it will be better and at least it can guarantee me some aknowledgment from the companies that I can try to apply for later.
I only need an averag C grade to apply, the rest will b checked on my interview there.

I guess the worst part is applyig for the financial aid, finding the money to go there, and get all the documents needed… The rest I guess it’ll be a piece of cake. 😀

Wish me luck guys!


Unemployed again… 2 de Agosto de 2009

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Yeah. it sucks when you just get the job of your life, and someone just makes it all to get you fired… it happened to me… T___T

Back to ground zero… :s

Anyhow… my computer is dying *literally*, and I hope I can at least sell some works out to gather money to buy a new one. Although things aren’t going that well in what comes to sell my works… T___T

I need money… and I need a new computer…. *cries*

Meanwhile…….. I’m still waiting for my lazy mother to decide if we are going this week or the next….or right in the last day as it is usual in her, to go to the university in Mirandela, to take care of my appliance to the course…
And I’m kind of getting impatiente here… She was all excited about me going to this new course, and now she’s all around that it might not be so good, and that I won’t get a job in that area here in Portugal (she still believes that I wanna keep living in here…. poor thing…), and that I shouldn’t get too confident about it… like… I know I must be realistic… but hell!!! No way I’m gonna be THAT pessimistic!!!
She hasn’t even told my father about the POSSIBILITY… gosh!!! She so gets onto my nerves!!! >____<
I believe that she simply can’t accept the idea of me going away from home at all… even if it is inside of this doomed country.

Well… meanwhile I’m sticking with this old stupid computer, while my mom refuses to borrow me hers…

Take care everyone!