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Some news 27 de Julho de 2009

Filed under: Realizations,To do's list — blackseyr @ 14:48

Been absent for a while now….

Gomen ne…. m(._.)m


I just got a job, althout it can be frustrating and somewhat tiring to promote a trade mark of beauty care, at least I get paided even if I don’t sell anything at all, since I don’t have to sell, if I do, great, if I don’t, it’s ok. It’s not my job to sell at all.

Anyhow… I haven’t been drawing at all in these days… I’ve been busy with intervews and searching for jobs and so on…so I’ve been neglecting my art for some time now…

My PC is freaking out lately, so I probably won’t be doing anything in Photoshop until I get a new one, or at least get to borrow one from someone to keep on working…

I will be sending *finally* those commissions that should have been sent in February or something… *gomen ne*

Into some other news… A friend of mine convinced me to participate in the portuguese version of American Idol, *Ídolos*. So yeah… after years without singing at all, I’ll be participaing in a show that requires good skills, carisma, and some GUTS! XD *I’m gonna die for sure*

I’ll try to keep the pace up with the news!


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