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Tales Of Gyrtu 11 de Junho de 2009

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introduction WIP

Here’s a work I’ve been putting my hand on too slowly… like… I think I started this more than a year ago… and it has already suffered so many changes you won’t believe. And the changes will keep on, until I decide to actually finish this… T__T Its taking WAY TOO long…

Queen and Bodyguard copy

And here’s a sketch I did moments ago.
I liked it enough to share here already.
Maybe I’ll finish it. If I have the patience…

These are my OC’s from Tales of Gyrtu Vaeros (the girl) and Cale (the guy).
This story and characters are very dear to me, and have a lot of meaning into them, so please do not steal them.

For those who already know them, you might find those outfits weird. Well… they are are not always on their regular outfit… The one that Vaeros is wearing is her Queen outfit. *I know that it’s a little…stripped for a queen… but I just don’t care!*
Cale’s outfit is not the King’s.. since in here he’s not yet the king. 😉 He’s just a the personal Queen’s Bodyguard. And yeah… he got a sleeve ripped off. And also his hair is longer, and kind of different.

I should keep on sketching… maybe I’ll grab onto the comic itself. 😉
And then, once I feel ready and inspired again, I shall finish properly my trades *which WILL close for a long while*

Wish me luck!


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