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Lies… 30 de Abril de 2008

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It’s hard to understand why someone lies when that’s completely uncalled for….
Then you ask: “Why did/do you lie to me?”
That person asks for forgiveness for lying to you, once again…and you forgive, to once again you hear a new lie… A lie that is hurting the lier the most— And the lier is your best friend… You want your friend to be happy, but still, the lier keeps on lying, more and more.

“Please… don’t lie to me… don’t lie to yourself..:” we ask counteless times.
Are those requests replied to? Are the efforts we put on our yearnings worth it?
we think they are, we make our best— We try hard. We try not to feel useless towards the lier in front of us… Useless…? Yeah… that’s the word. We’re useless to that person. It’s not our fault though…. It’s the lier’s fault. The lier doesn’t let us approach him, doesn’t allow us to aid the cause… The lier lies each day more and more… it vanishes in the lies the lier itself makes up. Thunder in the lier’s head anihilates his roots. Anihilates his real self. Anihilates the one we used to know… The liers true self lies somewhere else… lies in other heart… lies in other’s minds…

“WHY DON’T YOU SEE THAT?!?!?” we yell from our lungs. Still the lier seems def. The lier does not reply… he became dumb.

You became with, someone else, a refinement of what you were with me. You became a refinement of the one I met… I was happy to see you happy. To see you weren’t lying at that time. Someone else was also happy… Four girls in your life were happy for you… three of them were happy to see you happy, making someone happy… Someone that made us be four. Someone that saw and metthe refinement of what you were with me… Can’t you come back? Can’t you learn to fight? Can’t you find strenghts to fight for your happiness? Don’t you see…. you do HAVE to fight for happiness… Such thing does not come just by wishing it… happiness needs to be fought to have it… It needs to be seen as a goal, not as a selfproclaimed and already achived since the beginning.

Learn from what you already learnt before… You live from the little things in life… Someone else also does that… that’s your half of your life. The half you gave away so easily.
We don’t ask you to come back to that person… We ask you to find yourself again… to find your REAL self once again… You’re vanishing… you’re losing your roots… You’re not yourself anymore…

I miss my lil brother…. ;_;


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